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Focusing On The Cost of Commercial Window Cleaners

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Many people will want to go DIY with cleaning their windows. The assumption is that commercial window cleaners are going to charge a great deal of money to get windows cleaned. That’s not always the case, especially if you learn what the overall cost of getting professional work done may run you. You’ll be surprised by the fact that this option may be somewhat less expensive than DIY solutions. Consider a few notes on how much hiring commercial cleaners may cost for your windows.

The Initial Cost Point

First and foremost, you’ll find that the cost is going to be relegated to the size, and shape of the windows. The location also matters as well. Think about the height, width, and shape of the windows, their location, and how high they are off the ground. Many companies focus on pricing based on the difficult level, as well as the equipment they are going to need to get things done.

Multiple Factors That Change The Price 

Some companies will have a flat rate per pane, depending on the size of the building. The average solution could start below $5, at around $3 and can rise upwards of $8 or even $16 per pane, depending on location. This rate is a base fee that doesn’t include other elements such as the cost of labor, or supplies that could raise the rate depending on what the job entails.

There are additional charges that you may have to deal with, including the clean of frames, screens, fixtures, and specialty cleaning. These options can be as low as $1 per item, to upwards of $15 per solution depending on the extensive nature of the problem, and the labor needed to get the work done right.

Tips For Choosing A Window Cleaner

If you’re going to get a window cleaning company to help you out, make sure that you factor in more than just price. Consider a few simple tips that can ensure you get the right solution moving forward.

Commercial Specialist – focus on commercial work, not residential. For office buildings, and larger projects, you’ll find that residential specialists are not going to be able to deliver the same solution, or bring the right experience.

Company Reputation – consider the reputation that the company has in your area. Look for reviews, and any information that you can find on what they do, and even ask for references.

Look For Licensing – always hire licensed and insured companies, that way you’re not liable for injuries, or lackluster work done. You want to ensure you’re not to blame for any problems they may create.

Take your time. Look for the right company, consider their guarantee, if any, and get an estimate before you finalize any option. There are many different price points you may get quoted, so make sure that you take your time, and get the “right” company for your window cleaning needs.

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