Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thinking About Child Safety In Light of Window Treatments

Window treatments can be grand. You put up blinds, curtains, and much more, and that’s it. It’s always a nice thing to have in place but what about safety? When you are doing a DIY project that involves your windows you could be stuck on the notion of putting up treatments that look nice. But when they are put in you may not think about whether or not it’s going to be cause for alarm when you have a child. The truth of the matter is simple; children can be at risk when you put in window elements in place. If you’re going to put anything in your home it’s best to consider the health and wellness of your children. The following shines light on that solution.

Look For Warning Tags

The first thing that you need to consider when you are doing any project with window treatments is warning signs. Major companies put warning labels on their products because they could be detrimental to the health of a child. Warning labels usually have a large orange warning signal and information that you should consider before you purchase anything. Keep in mind that these are mainly for small children, toddlers, and below.

Avoid Hanging Cords

One rule of thumb that you will want to consider is simple. That rule being avoiding cords. Cords that dangle and are lengthy can get wrapped around the neck of a child on accident. This is perhaps one of the most common warning labels that you see on window treatments. Furthermore the cords can be pulled on by children and that could rip out treatments and fall on them causing harm. Avoid hanging cords and perhaps look for cordless hands free solutions.

Be Careful With Motorized Options

There are some window solutions that have motorized tension changes. The lifting systems that are motorized are definitely good to utilize but remember these can also pose issues if not protected. When the coverings lift automatically, a child’s hand can get stuck and the motor may not stop pulling. It’s important to know exactly how this mechanism works, and take precautions to avoid injury to small children.

All in all window treatments are usually safe. However, you should look for warning labels and any potential hazards when you’re installing these things in your home. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself keep in mind that children are curious, have small hands, and can harm themselves amidst treatments that may not be 100% child safe.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Looking Out For Locksmith Scams

locksmith experts
There are scams in nearly every avenue of the world. There are few industries that don’t have some sort of issue with scams. Focusing on locksmiths, there are no doubt great people that work in this industry. In fact a lot of people are honest and do their best to help others. However in this field, like any other, there are some people that aren’t going to be so friendly and will scam you and others fast.

Protecting yourself against scams can be simple if you know what to look for. With that in mind consider a few notes on the industry and how you can avoid getting scammed out of your hard earned money.

The Quote Issue

First and foremost many companies will offer a quote outright. If you call someone that doesn’t want to give you a basic quote then you may be talking to a deceptive individual. Companies should have a set price for their work even emergency options especially in this field. Ask about location, whether they are licensed or bonded, and see how the conversation goes. An honest company will provide you with this information to ensure that you are making an educated decision. Others will not give up details as they are purposely trying to just get paid fast.

Where Are You Calling? 

Perhaps one of the most nefarious of issues that you will face in regards to locksmith scams is in regards to whom you’re calling. It’s not uncommon to call for tech support and reach people in another country but what about the trades? You don’t expect to get a call center for this type of work but it’s starting to proliferate a lot of listings. When you call up a listing you find in an ad you may end up contacting a large corporation with call centers in other regions. When they show up to your home you will have to pay more than the quote as they will have a lot of “upsells” to try and throw your way.

Protecting Yourself

The best way to protect yourself is to look online for reviews of locksmiths. Look for options that are local, experienced, and licensed. That way you can ensure that you are protecting yourself from predatory scams in this field.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cleaning Awning Fabrics The Right Way

When you clean your home you may not immediately think about the “right” way to do things and the “wrong way” to do certain things. You just go forward with your routine and get things done. That can apply to a lot of areas in and around your home but there are some rules of thumb that you need to consider with certain things. For instance, let’s say that you had an awning fabric tied to outdoor patio furniture, tables, or other pieces. If you have a large awning frame with fabric you will want to clean it in a specific manner. Otherwise you will cause damage to it and that could cost you a great deal of headache overall. Consider these solutions below as to how to clean this the right way.

The Simple Option

The best way to keep awning fabrics clean and clear is to do light cleaning more often than not. When you clear off loose dirt and use high pressure water you can clear off a lot. You can also use light dishwashing liquid to add a bit of soap but make sure that you let the fabric dry over time naturally. You want to make sure that the cleaning solution doesn’t just sit and pool on the fabric but rather is clean, rinsed and easily transitioned away.

Using Bleach 

One issue you may run into is that of mildew. Mildew, dirt, and mold can end up sprouting on the fabric which can be stubborn to clean with light cleaning solutions. That’s where you’ll want to mix a bleach option. Look at working with 1 cup of bleach and then using a quarter cup of mild dish liquid with a gallon of fresh water. You’ll want to make sure that this is mixed very well so that the elements aren’t sitting stagnant. Once you do that use the mixture to clean the fabric overall and then use a brush to spot clean the spots that have a lot of stains and mildew.

Overall these two cleaning methods should be done from time to time. Aside from the tips mentioned above make sure that you remember to let things dry naturally. You want things to get 100% dry before trying to spot clean or clear up things again. This will give you a better overall push forward.

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