Saturday, January 30, 2016

Covering Up For Privacy

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You'd be hard pressed to find a homeowner whom doesn't desire and/or value privacy. One of the biggest benefits of being a homeowner is the fact that, that space is yours to do with what you will. Some homes however aren't built for privacy. That doesn't mean though that homeowners are up the creek so to speak. There are ways to improve a dwelling's privacy chief among them being window coverings. Covering up windows can retard or even eliminate one's ability to see inside a home which in turn gives homeowners greater peace of mind and makes for more comfortable living. There are a great many ways to cover up windows, some being cheap while others require deep pockets.

The Affordable Way

Homeowners without a lot of disposable income can up their home's privacy with simple window coverings. These can include blinds found at home improvement stores and simple curtains or drapes. Of course extremely frugal homeowners may forgo those choices and instead utilize aluminum foil, cardboard, or even trash bags when they want to cover up their windows. These are poor choices however as they aren't very reliable and can make a home look as though it's in a state of disrepair.  Utilizing generic store bought blinds, curtains, and tint may not add any value to a home but they will up the level of privacy in one and aren't overly expensive.

The Expensive Way

Homeowners with money to burn needn't limit their choices to store bought window coverings. There are a multitude of companies that now allow homeowners to have customized window coverings made. These privileged persons can select virtually any material they fancy for construction, can have their window coverings treated for protection and longevity, and can even request coverings be made specifically for specially designed and shaped windows. More expensive window coverings include shutters, heavy draperies and motorized blinds, just to name a few. Of course those that are able to custom order their window coverings will have to wait for them to be made and shipped before they can be installed. Homeowners with more money than patience may wish to find a compromise that gives them instant gratification and privacy.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Better Technology, Better Home Security

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The days of simple key locks is rapidly passing us by and will soon be in our rear view mirrors. Technology is giving locksmiths more options for locks, security, and surveillance. Locks and surveillance machinery can be synced up to work with computers, the internet, and of course mobile devices. Some of this cutting edge technology is quite expensive although much of it is not and is well within the reach of homeowners. In fact many locksmiths have security and surveillance package deals that make these technologies more affordable than ever.

Security On The Go

It used to be that home security severed as more of a deterrent or early warning system than it did act as a solution. As any locksmith will tell you, modern security technology is quite different, much more advanced, and more effective at not just deterring criminals but stopping them as well. Mobile devices like phones, tablets, and even laptops can now work in conjunction with home security and surveillance systems to not only alert homeowners to potential dangers or problems but also record live video and take pictures. These files can then be sent to a homeowners mobile device as well as the police and emergency dispatchers. This essentially allows homeowners to monitor their homes and anyone in them from virtually anywhere on the planet.

Virtual Keys

Homeowners often leave spare keys under mats, in mailboxes, or hidden in some other location on their property. This is unsafe and thanks to technology, no longer necessary. Electronic locks aren't exactly new in the world of locksmithing but mobile and PC apps now allow homeowners to take their functionality to all new levels of efficacy. Virtual keys are keys that lock and unlock both doors and windows via a mobile or PC application. These types of locks cost a bit more than traditional key locks but they're well worth the price and are major deterrent to people whom don't belong in a home.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Home Privacy: Window Tinting

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A great deal of homeowners desire privacy and a great deal of it. Privacy not only makes homeowners feel safe and/or comfortable but it can give them peace of mind knowing that those on the outside are unable to see inside. This kind of privacy isn't always easy to achieve however. Installing bars over windows and doors is out of the question for the majority of homeowners as is hiring a full time security guard. Suspicious people can be deterred more effectively by utilizing window tints. Not only are window tints far more attractive than bars or guards but they're far more affordable too.

It's Dark In Here!

Home window tinting is available in a wide array of different shades and styles. Homeowners can select light tinting for a small boost in privacy or can choose extremely dark iridium tinting that not only makes it impossible for pedestrians to see inside their home but reflects incoming light away from windows too. For some homeowners this type of tint is selected for both privacy and aesthetic reasons. There are a multitude of shades that fall in between the two extremes making it easy for homeowners to select a style and shade that fits their needs. In addition to the increased privacy window tinting gives homeowners it can also be used to save on power bills and control the climate within a home. Moreover while views from the outside are diminished or eliminated homeowners will still be capable of seeing outside without issue.

Maintaining Window Tinting

Just as is the case with everything else, windows and tinting need to be cleaned. This is especially true if they are to remain effective privacy tools. While windows without tint can be cleaned without too much trouble or chance of damage, tinted windows require professional attention. Professional window cleaners possess the tools, chemicals, and experience necessary to ensure tinting remains intact and gets clean. Laypersons whom attempt to clean tinted windows on their own run the risk of tearing, peeling, and damaging tint with chemicals. In order to maintain a high level of privacy homeowners with tinted windows should have a professional visit their homes at least twice a year. Protective chemicals can be added as well that will help protect both tinting and glass in between professional visits.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The World's Most Expensive Chandeliers

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Chandeliers are in just about every home and commercial structure you can visit. You'll find everything from simple and modest chandeliers to outrageously expensive models that are designed to impress rather than illuminate. Of course the more luxurious the chandelier the harder it will be to find and maintain if you're an owner. Some chandeliers even function as conversation pieces and attract visitors from both far and near. Things of beauty, chandeliers can figuratively and literally brighten any room they are a part of.

The Sotheby's Auction Of 2010

Back in December of 2010 a pair of Italian chandeliers were sold for $677,203 at the Sotheby Auction in Paris. These chandeliers are among the world most expensive and are constructed from glit-metal and a variety of rock crystals. It's rumored that one of these chandeliers is being used as a museum piece rather than a tool for illumination. This isn't too surprising as it's hard to justify hanging something so expensive from a ceiling.

Cleaning Chandeliers

Cleaning even modest chandeliers can be a daunting and dangerous task. A proper cleaning involves a ladder, towels, sprays, and specialized treatment chemicals. For this reason alone many people forgo having their chandeliers cleaned allowing them to collect dust and their luster to fade.  Those who've spent considerable money on chandeliers like the previously mentioned Italian pair however often take the opposite approach. These persons generally seek out professional window cleaners not only to clean their chandeliers but to protect them as well. Only a professional who cleans glass for a living understands just how delicate and fragile chandeliers can be.