Friday, December 30, 2016

To Replace Locks or Rekey Locks – Which Should You Use

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One of the major questions that locksmiths get a lot is in regards to home security. Many ask about whether or not to rekey a lock or replace them. Either option may sound good at first glance, but you’ll no doubt want to consider which option is better. These are fine options, but one has to be better overall, right? Well, without looking into this, the answer may seem obvious, but as you look closer at the two solutions, you’ll see that this may be a bit more complex.

Rekeying Solutions

First, consider rekeying locks. When you do this, you’ll be changing the lock style, so that the key is completely different. The reason why this is done is to have control over a property, and add a bit of security for the owners of any given real estate entity. Key control is a matter of having an ongoing inventory of keys, so that maintenance, residents, and owners are all on the same page. It’s a simple option that many commercial properties utilize to maintain organization. This works great for those that need to use master keys for a home, or office. If not, you’ll find that you ca have upwards of 10 or even 20 keys for every type of lock and door around a home or office. This can be frustrating, which is why rekeying isn’t always a great thing for personal use. However, commercial entities may need master keys, and rekeying makes sense for organization purposes.

Changing Locks

In regards to changing locks, homeowners will want to do this when they first purchase a property. Then it’s imperative to upgrade for security purposes. While this is not necessarily “better” than rekeying, it is something that speaks to the matter of personal use, more than commercial use. While there are certainly commercial applications that can be drawn with changing locks, it’s more likely that someone’s personal home will require this over the other. Upgrading locks, adding security measures, and other elements overall need to be taken into consideration when it comes to this.

At the end of the day, these two options are good. Which is better for your needs? Well, that’s a matter of taking into consideration who will be needing the keys, whether or not you need upgrading your locks, or you simply want peace of mind. A locksmith can help you either way, and either option works well, depending on the reasons you may be looking at either solution.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Steps To Make Entertaining A Breeze

Entertaining is a great thing. You can invite friends, family, and so many others to your home and have a nice dinner party, or just about any type of entertainment plan. If you want to throw a party, perhaps for the holidays or any occasion, there are a few steps that can help you out. The following are some ideas that are going to help you get through a great plan.

Don’t Make Things Complicated 

Before you get started, don’t work yourself over to a point of frustration. Entertaining doesn’t mean that it has to be “one” thing. Many people want to throw a dinner party, for example, and bog themselves down with the minutia of entertainment. Don’t do that. Instead, try to keep an open mind, and change your perceptions of what you feel is the “right” way to throw a party.

Make A List, Check it Twice

Make sure that you sort out a list of things that you will need, and what you want to have at your party. That includes cutlery, food, drinks, and other elements. Before you buy or do anything, make sure that you make a list and double check it. If you don’t make a list, you’re going to be scatter brained moving forward and your planning can seem a lot harder to deal with than necessary.

Work On Your House 

As you move forward, make sure that you clean your home, and get ready for your party. Consider moving furniture around, put pets in their own little area, and map out how you want your party laid out and more. The more time you spend focusing on these little things, the easier it is going to be to entertain.

Practice Recipes Ahead of Time

Before you start cooking, or doing anything with your food, make sure that you practice. Cook something ahead of schedule and perfect certain recipes. Treat yourself to something special, and see if it will work with dinner parties, and entertainment. Practice will help you ensure that your party is going to be grand, in terms of tastes.

Work On Your Smile and Hospitality

One of the toughest parts about entertaining is not in regards to the literal party you’re throwing. The hardest part may be in regards to hospitality. Hospitality is a tough thing to deal with at times. To make it easier on yourself, try to be extra nice at work, at home, and just go through the motions of being friendly, and open yourself up to being jovial. If you do this, the day of your event, you’ll be bubbly, ready to entertain, and with everything going quite well.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Should You Hire A Cleaning Service – The Financial Element

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There a lot of different ways that you can look at house cleaning. However, amidst the various options, you may find that a cleaning service may be something that you want to explore. Not everyone wants to hire a professional, however, because of the cost. That leads many to consider whether or not someone should hire a cleaning service due in large part to the cost. Does it make financial sense? Well, there are a few notes that you should consider beforehand, as it very well may be a good plan moving forward. The following highlights just some of the things you should consider before hiring anyone.

The Problem With Time

The first thing that you should consider is the time it takes to clean. How long does it take to clean your whole house? Not just pick up a few things, but rather clean up everything. Think about that for a moment. If you need to clean your home, how would you go about doing it, and how difficult would it be? For some, this could very well take all day, and could very well be difficult to get done. The reason why many homes are in disarray is because life gets in the way. If you don’t have time to clean thoroughly, then it makes absolute sense to hire someone to help you with this.

Time Versus Money

When you look at the math associated with cleaning, you’ll find that your time is precious. You could spend roughly 4 to 6 hours cleaning your home thoroughly. If you were to hire a professional service, however, the costs may not be nearly as much compared to the hours you are going to need to get things done right. Think about that for a moment. When someone cleans your home, they may have a crew, and within a couple of hours, your whole house could be spotless. If time is money, you will save when you hire a cleaning service.

Test The Waters Once

It’s easy to say that you should hire a cleaning service. It’s also easy to say that it makes financial sense. However, unless you test it out once, you may not see just how good this could be for your home. Hire a service just once, and you could very well see why so many people are moving forward with this option, instead of spending hours on end cleaning their home by themselves. In the end, a cleaning service makes financial sense, and it makes even more sense when you consider the time it takes to get your home clean.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Power Washing Interior Surfaces – Garage and Basement

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When it comes to cleaning interiors, you’ll no doubt want to hire a professional service. Sure, you could try and do it yourself, but there are some projects that require a bit more muscle than the average consumer can create. This becomes painfully obvious when you focus on garage flooring and basement flooring. These solutions require a great deal of precision to do correctly, and it shows.

Garage Flooring

First and foremost, you’re going to find that garage floors are different than other types of floors in your home. The challenge here is that you cannot just clean it with any old solution. Whether you have a covering or it’s just concrete, you’ll need to focus on cleaning with a high grade pressure washer. Don’t use cleaners that you find in hardware stores, as that’s not going to clean some of the tougher stains that can come through in a garage. Without the precision of an experienced pressure washing professional, you could find yourself with stains that just won’t go away.

Basement Flooring 

People assume that power washing is only for the outdoors, siding, and concrete. That’s not always the case. For instance, basement floors can be pressure washed with ease. However, there needs to be a focus on specific elements to ensure that flooding isn’t the result. This is where the DIY crowd cannot accomplish what a professional service can do. Basement floors require more than just powerful streams of water, they need focus, and removal of water and moisture after the fact. That’s where a pro can help out.

The Overall Advantages

There are some clear cut advantages to power washing interior surfaces. Whether you need work in your garage or your basement, you’ll find that having periodic cleaning will help with longevity. You’ll find that cleaning helps increase the value of your home, and assist in removing stains. It also helps keep basements free of debris, dust, and damage that could cause serious damage. The same can be said for concrete and covered garage floors.

In the end, whether you want to sell your home or stay in it for a long time, getting professional power washing is going to help improve the value overall. Whether you’re staging it for sale, or you just want to remodel, this is going to help you keep your home looking great, and free of damage that can settle over time. Just one cleaning and you’ll see why this is so important.

Monday, December 26, 2016

How To Double The Output Of Your Solar Panels

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Solar panels are a great way to increase the energy savings that you have for your home or office. Installing panels today will save you money down the line, and possibly for a lifetime. As more and more people are adopting these options, you’ll find that there are a few things that can diminish their overall reach. That overall reach can cause serious problems to your overall bill. If you have panels installed that are older, or perhaps haven’t been looked at in a year or two, it’s time to consider a few tips on how to increase their production. Chances are, they aren’t doing so well in terms of saving you money or converting energy properly.

Clean The Paneling

First and foremost, the biggest thing that you should do in order to help with getting more output from your panels is simple, clean them. Hiring a professional can help you with the output because the panels themselves could pick up a lot of dust, dirt, grime, and even bird droppings. Any element that sits on the panel face, could block the UV rays which are needed to convert energy properly. Cleaning can add a great deal of energy to the grid, and it should not be neglected.

Simple Washing Technique

You don’t always need to hire a professional to help with washing panels. You can easily move forward with doing it yourself. Assuming that you just have light dust and grime, you could use glass cleaning solution to get this started. Just remember, you cannot use water alone, and you cannot clean without getting every spec away from the panel’s glass façade. Leaving any debris, spots, or streaks will diminish the results that you get on your panels.

Using a pure water system could work, as this is fed through a specific installation that is meant to clean paneling. However, not everyone can go forward with this solution. When in doubt, you may need to hire a professional to get to the panels and clean them with specialized tools. Again, it’s imperative that you have your panels checked out, cleaned, and completely free of debris and dust. The older your panels are, the higher the chances are that you are not getting the optimal ratio of energy conversion from the sun. If you want to double your output, simply get the panels cleaned and watch the savings roll in.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Going Beyond With Draperies

When you consider draperies for your window treatments, you’ll no doubt be stuck with the idea of fabric curtains. These are the most common option used. That’s not a bad thing, but if you have a full length element in place, it can be a bit drab at times. If you want to make your window treatments stand out, perhaps you should focus on a few ideas that could very well change your perception of drapes in general. The following are just some of the options that you will no doubt want to consider when moving forward with this type of window treatment option.

Not Just For Windows

Before you get tied into the notion that you can only uses draperies for windows, think again. There’s a few options that you may want to consider when accentuating a room, and making things new. You could separate a walkway, an entrance, or just about any transition with drapes. Drawing this together could close off certain elements of the room, and enclose others. It’s an interesting option to place in front of an archway, for instance.

Change Up The Hardware

One option that you will no doubt want to explore when you’re looking at drapes is the hardware that you’re going to use. You don’t have to be stuck with just “one” type of hardware solution when it comes to drapes. You can have a rounded bar, a beam, or just about any other solution, so long as it holds your curtains in place. Whether you need something traditional or something that’s a bit outside of the box, this is one way to punch up the design of your treatments.

Thin Panel Design

Instead of having a long area covered by deep, dark drapes, why not go light? You could put several thinner panels in place, so that you have a semblance of natural light peering in, but not too much. The balance of natural light that you want can easily be balanced with the use of thin panels, and will no doubt help you get moving forward with the visual design that you can create with any drapery option.

Decorative Pieces (non-functional)

You don’t always have to draw curtains close, they can be set pieces. Consider drapes as a way to accent windows, rather than cover them. Pleats, with a custom fabric option could allow just about any window option to shine without having to cover up the natural light. This will help create a nice elegant update to any room, that’s for sure.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Easy Tips For Cleaning Out The Refrigerator

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One of the easiest places in your home to neglect when cleaning is the refrigerator. Most people just don’t think about the fridge as a major point to consider when cleaning. Everyone assumes that their fridge is fine, but if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find that there are a few things that are lurking in the back, festering, and causing problems that you may not even realize. It’s with that in mind that you may want to consider a few tips to help you clean out your fridge, and clean things up with relative ease.

Open Up Jars and More

In your fridge you have condiments, jars of pickles, and a lot more. If you have these in place, it’s time to check in on them. Open your refrigerator and start reading the expiration dates on the condiments, and jars that you have open. Not only that, see if they are being eaten, if there’s a smell coming from them, and if it’s time to part. You have to get in the habit of cleaning out these things or they will just rot, and you’ll be left with a potential health hazard. Open things up, really consider if you’re going to eat things or not, and get rid of things that you are not going to use or hasn’t even been opened since day one.

Don’t Be Afraid of Throwing Things Out 

It’s important to remember that you can easily throw things out. Don’t be afraid of this. Don’t get caught up in the notion of waste, because you’re cleaning. With that in mind, look at old Tupperware, old pizza slices, and anything that is in your fridge just getting cold for no good reason, and throw things out. Get a good trash bag and start putting things in place to help you out. Start with the top of the fridge and start throwing things out.

Take Everything Out 

Once you have started throwing things out, you will want to take the leftover elements and place them aside. When everything is out, scrub the interior of your fridge with a good sponge, and clean up the shelves. You want to clean glass shelves, wire shelves, and more. Clean them up, and make sure that you disinfect everything as you go along. This will help you ensure that your fridge lasts a lot longer, and will no doubt give you many benefits down the line.

Once you take on the steps above, it’s important to go back and clean up every few months. Done every few months, you will find that your fridge will run efficiently, and things will not smell bad, or rot fast. Peace of mind will definitely set in if you just take your time in this regards.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Creative Window Treatments To Try In Your Home

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Window treatments don’t have to be boring. You don’t have to get stuck with just one option. There’s a lot of different things that you can explore to create a unique, visually compelling area in any part of your home. It’s with that in mind that the following will highlight some of the better options to explore when it comes to creatively putting up window treatments. You don’t have to stick with blinds, or curtains, there’s a lot to explore in the area of window coverings.

Beaded Curtains 

The first option to consider is simple, beaded options. Beaded curtains can give your interior design a unique look, and can break up the natural light in any room with relative ease. It allows just enough light to come through, while breaking up the shade a bit as well. You will no doubt find this to be unique, and interesting overall. There’s a lot of different curtain bead options to explore so don’t feel that you can only work with “one” style overall.

Using Tree Branches For Rods

Curtain rods don’t have to be the default metal options. You can get creative with how you put your curtains or treatments up. One such solution that many people have figure out is that of branches. You could get branches from a tree and put them across any window and make it seem far more rustic. The thing about this, however, is that you need to make sure that the branch you use is strong, long enough for your window frame, and can take the weight of the curtains, blinds, or whatever it is you’re going to put on it. Weight is an issue here.

Wood Sculpture Framing

One option that you may want to consider, especially in light of valance options, is that of a wooden sculpture. Framing a sculpture in place can be a great thing. A valance that is made out of hardwood could absolutely tie together your interior design flow, especially if you’re looking at going rustic with the design elements that make your home stand out.

Grass Valance Options

Going natural? Then by all means look into natural valances that are made of grass, bamboo, or other natural woods. You could easily sew this together, or perhaps purchase premade options and make any room seem like it’s out in the wild. Grass valence options give you a unique visual design flow, as well as a playful element to work with in regards to interior design. This of course is just one of the many options that you can consider when looking at window treatments.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Cleaning Storm Windows For Clarity and Longevity
There’s nothing worse than dirty, dusty, filthy windows. You may not immediately think that, but if you let your windows go without any sort of cleaning, you’ll find that natural light is hindered, and maintenance is going to be an issue as well. It’s for this reason that people seek out professional services to get their windows cleaned. This seems simple enough, right? Well, despite the initial idea of cleaning, you’ll find that some glass types and window enclosures require a bit of a different approach. This is evidenced by the notion of cleaning storm windows and divided lights, as well as encasements.

Encasements and Glass Structures

Let’s first consider the option of encasements as well as structures that are made of glass. Whether you have a large green house, or something that has been built for sunbathing, or just about any reason, you’ll need to call professionals to help you with cleaning the glass here. Without clear, clean glass, you could end up seeing small cracks in the panes, and eventually things can break. Furthermore, you may find that without proper cleaning, your glass could very well hinder the light from coming through correctly.

Divided Lighting 

Windows with multiple lighting requires a bit of help to clean properly. You don’t want to risk getting electrocuted, or causing problems with the fixtures as you clean. When you call a professional, they will be able to clean sash bars, grids, and other areas around the lights, so that you don’t have to worry about fixtures breaking or popping. Divided lighting is a great solution for visual design flow, but if you don’t clean things, maintaining these elements could very well be difficult to manage overall.

Clean Windows Is More Than Sight

This all seems simple enough. You call a professional to clean your storm windows, and other structures. Getting clear glass is great, but there’s a bigger set of reasons why you do this. The major reason why you will want to work with a professional is because you’ll increase the longevity of your home’s glass. This helps with increasing the value of your home, as well as keeping things clean and clear overall. Not only will you get better sight, more natural light, and a great overall service, you’ll also have peace of mind.

Cleaning services help with more than just spraying window cleaner on glass. They have experience, and expertise to help you with nearly all glass elements, including encasements, green houses, storm windows, and much more. Let a pro handle the heavy lifting, so to speak, and see why so many homes are looking great today.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Around Orange County California

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Southern California has some amazing weather year round. It’s one of the reasons why so many people move from around the globe. If you’re in Orange County, CA, then you know how amazing the weather can be year round, but it’s not without some issues. Even though the temperatures may not get extreme, you will find that the atmosphere can bring about some issues for your home’s exteriors. There are some common issues that plague siding throughout Southern California. If you want to ensure that things don’t get too bad, you should consider a few tips in regards to vinyl siding cleaning.

Avoiding Oxidation 

One of the biggest reasons why you should get power washing services is because it can help with oxidation. Oxidation is an issue that comes to your siding due to the rays of the sun. UV rays can cause problems with your siding, breaking it apart slowly. The heat can cause expansion, and cause a chalky element to come off of it. Mother nature is going to continually pound your home, non stop. Since Orange County gets more sunny days than other parts of the country, your siding could very well peel and fall apart faster, if you don’t clean things properly.

Cleaning The Oxidation Issue

Professionals that work with power washing can help you with clearing out the issue that the sun brings about. In order to clean this problem, professionals use lower pressure water with a high-quality detergent. They help with clearing out the chalky residue, and clear mildew as well. The right equipment helps a great deal here, which is why it’s not recommended to rent machines to do this for you. Hiring a service will prove beneficial because they will have the right settings for the pressure, and the right soap to clear out oxidation where it’s most impactful.

Keep on Top of Cleaning

Cleaning vinyl siding should be done from time to time in Orange County, CA. Remember, southern California gets hundreds of sunny days, and more than other parts of the country. This is a gift for sure, but it can also be a curse if you don’t clean and care for siding on your home with the help of professional pressure washing services. Inspect your siding from time to time and see if there’s a chalky residue across the siding. If you see this, or damage of any kind, it may be time to call in the professionals to help you offset any damage.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tips For Cleaning Bathtubs

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One area in the home that you may be neglecting from time to time is that of the bathtub. People don’t immediately think about cleaning this area, and there could  very well be a lot of issues that come with it. If you’re not sure as to how to get this area looking great, then you need a few tips and tricks to help you out. The following tips will help you not only clean up the easy way, it will pay off dividends down the line. If you don’t want to worry about dirt, grime, and more, then the following tips will definitely be worth your time.

White Vinegar For The Win 

First and foremost, you should utilize vinegar’s power. This is a cleaner that can help you clean up various areas of your tub without harming it. Water and vinegar mixed in a 50/50 solution can help you not only get the surface stains out, but it will not harm anything, and will surprise you every time.

Baking Soda Helps Too

If you have stains that are just not going away, you should look at using baking soda. You can mix this into a paste and get to cleaning harder stains around the tub, as well as grout between pieces of tile. Baking soda can help penetrate and deodorize stains and clean up with relative ease. You’ll need to be patient here, and let things settle for at least 15 minutes to get the power of the cleaner to work best.

For Rust 

You may have rust in your tub, and around certain areas of your bathroom. To clean these areas, you should utilize Borax cleaner. Add lemon juice to it and you’ll be able to remove the stains within 30 minutes time. You want to make sure you get this into a paste and let it sit on the stains for an extended period of time first. Once done, you’ll end up with a positive push forward in your cleaning ritual.

Tackle Things One At A Time

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to clean their tub and other bathroom areas is that they wait. Don’t wait. Clean things one by one as you shower and use the restroom from time to time. In order to ensure that you are not tackling tough stains and issues, you need to be diligent about cleaning things from time to time. Take a few minutes each day to do minor updates, and you’ll have a great, clean bathroom.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Move Out Checklist That Could Help You Get Your Deposit Back

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When you rent an apartment or a home, you are going to have to put down a deposit. Sometimes referred to as a security deposit, you may be able to get it back when you move out. Landlords put this in place so that when tenants leave, they can clean up the apartment for the next person to live in. If you are looking at your apartment and you want to move out, consider a few steps beforehand. These steps are going to help you clean and perhaps get your money back. Cleaning up ahead of time will give you a leg up on getting your money back, that’s for sure.


The first thing that you should do is simple, clean everything. Imagine that you’re a cleaning service and focus on dusting, cleaning windows, dusting ledges, cleaning doorknobs, walls, filling in holes in the wall, and everything that is topical. Once you’ve done this, look at vacuuming throughout your home. Do a second run of vacuuming later on, but your initial run should be a lengthy affair. You want to clean as though you’re getting paid to do so, because in essence, you are going to be receiving money back for everything the landlord doesn’t have to worry about.

The Bathroom

The next thing that you should look at is the bathroom. Your bathrooms should be fully cleaned, including scrubbing ground and soap scum off of fixtures. Aside from that, make sure that you clean toilets, sinks, mirrors, and you vacuum up any debris that is leftover on the floor.

The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, you want to be thorough. Clean out the fridge, clean the stove, sweep, and take everything out of the cabinets. You should also clean the outside of the cabinets, walls, and pantry. You want to make it seem like no one lived there before you did, and that takes a little bit of extra time.


Aside from all living areas, you should also consider the outside. If you have a patio or a garden, it’s time to clear things up. If you’re going to take your plants, make sure that you have pots for them to transfer to your next place. Other than that, make sure that you clean up the lawn, clear stairs, remove any dirt, and grime, as well as sweep through dirt. This includes areas in and around the garage. Once you’ve done this, and the rest of the steps above, you will have a better chance of getting your deposit back, that’s for sure.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Simple Home Security Tips

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When it comes to your home, you should never have to think about a break in. You should just be at peace. You should be able to move along without having to worry about whether or not someone is trying to break in and cause damage or steal things. Unfortunately, we live in a world where anything could go awry, which is why you should think about a few home security tips to help you ensure that you are protecting your home and family against issues.

New Locking Elements

Every home should have locks, but if you’re concerned, pick up harder locking systems. You could find deadbolts for instance, or something that works with a keyless remote, or even a finger print. Whatever the case is, you can find a wide variety of locks that are more advanced than ever, and can thwart a nefarious character fast.

Get An Alarm System

Alarm systems can be installed to give you peace of mind. These can be simple, or they can be complex, with lots of cameras, and infrared elements. You can have something as simple as a time lighting element and a signal that calls local authorities if your alarm goes off. These can provide peace of mind whether you’re home or away.

Metal Bars

Adding a security entrance with a sliding sheet of metal bars can be helpful. Extra protection across glass doors can also be an upgrade worth looking into. You want to make it hard for would be robbers to come into your home, and these will thwart them no doubt. It’s something that is definitely worth looking into overall. A simple fence or gate can help you avoid dealing with solicitors as well as would be robbers.

CCTV Systems

This is a great way to thwart people from coming into your home, as it records every moment. A camera system that relays information as to whom is at your front door, or around the perimeter can give you peace of mind. Not only that, it will be something that can help authorities capture individuals if they do in fact try to break in or succeed in doing so.

Replace All Locks

For those that are moving into a new home, it’s important to change locks. Replacing locks and making sure that people are left out is a good thing. You should replace locks often, especially if you’re moving into a new place that hasn’t been updated in terms of security. This can not only give you peace of mind, it can ensure that the previous tenants don’t come in and shake things up, so to speak.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Removing Algae From Siding In Orange County, CA

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Siding is a great, durable solution for your home. However, you may find that it can get quite dirty, and can even develop certain organic growths across the walls. You will start to see them first as mold, but algae can start to form as well. In Orange County, CA, the moderate temperatures and sunny days can lend a helping hand for organic issues to grow across your home’s exteriors. Without cleaning and clearing, you could end up dealing with a wide variety of issues related to your home’s siding. In fact, left alone, the siding could crack, break and fall apart. You don’t want to let this happen as the worst of it could very well cause water damage to seep into the foundation and walls.

The Problem With Power Washing

Many homeowners in Orange County, CA may want to rent a power washer and get to work. Here’s the thing, power washing is not going to work well. While you may get a good clearance of dirt, grime, and more, you will not be able to remove algae and mold correctly. In fact, it could very well return if you’re not careful. For this reason you should let a professional handle the work that you need done on your home’s siding. A professional can help with not only removing mold, but also clearing out algae, the right way.

The Right Resource

The big difference between renting a machine and hiring a professional is in the quality of the machines they use. Hiring a professional will mean that commercial grade solutions will get used. Not only that, you’ll find that they will recommend low-pressure washing. At a lower pressure, you will be able to use a special kind of detergent that can fight against algae and mold growth with ease. This will clear out algae deposits, and will help clear up siding so that it doesn’t crack, peel, or fall apart.

Protect Your Home Today 

Protecting your home against organic growths is a good thing. It will ensure that your siding isn’t cracking and succumbing to growth. You don’t want the roots of these organic materials seeping into the walls and letting damage to take hold. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that your home is not succumbing to this natural issue. Remember, this doesn’t happen overnight. Because of southern California’s favorable weather, the growth is slow, but that could mean that the roots are getting more and more time to cause damage to your home. Don’t let it happen, hire a pro to get this taken care of the right way.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How To Clean Gas Stove Burners Easily

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Gas stove grates can take on a lot of abuse. You may find that they can look very dirty, and build up a lot of different grime, and debris. If you do not clean them properly, especially deep clean, you could end up with a fire hazard. To ensure that you’re able to get through cleaning a bit easier, consider the following steps to helping you get a cleaner stove fast.

Use Vinegar To Clear Things Up

One of the most powerful things that you can use to clean burners and grates is vinegar. Believe it or not, this can help you with grease stains, and will easily help clean through grime, and more. To do this, mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and then use it as your main cleaner across your stove. Let this sit for up to 15 minutes and then wipe it clean. You’ll find that the enzymes in vinegar help clear and clean with relative ease.

Utilize Baking Soda For More Cleaning Power

Baking soda can absolutely help you clear and clean grates. Mix water and baking soda to form a paste. Use that paste directly on grates, and around your stove. You want to scrub this in and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Once you pass the 20-minute mark, you’ll be able to scrub and soften up areas that would normally be difficult to clean. Not only does this help with cleaning, it also neutralizes odors.

Ammonia Can Help 

If you find that there are stains across your burners that you can’t clean with other methods, use ammonia. Be careful as to how you use this, however, as you can end up dealing with harsh fumes. You’ll want to get a quarter cup of ammonia and mix that with water, and place grates in the solution. This will help deep clean your grates fast.

The Stove Drip Pans 

Cleaning up stove drip pans can be tough, especially with so much burnt pieces that come through. To clear this up, you can start by soaking the pans in water, dish soap and baking soda. Let this soak in hot water and the mixture for at least an hour, then scrub as normal. This should break up the particles and clear out any debris, and caked on elements.

If this doesn’t work, you could always try what some call the boil method. You’ll want to mix ½ a cup of baking soda, and water, then put it in a large pot. You will use the boiling mixture to clean the drip pans allowing the mixture to boil around the pans etc. Done right, this will help you get a better handle on the gas stove burners, pans, and grates.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing In Orange County, CA

With so many options available to clean siding and exteriors, pressure washing may be normal. However, you may have some questions in regards to this process. Instead of guessing whether or not you need this, or finding out the hard way that it’s not for you, consider the following quick questions and answers relating to pressure washing in Orange County, CA.

Can Pressure Washing Clean Vinyl Siding? 

Yes, of course pressure washing can help. However, it’s recommended that you do not rent a machine and start spraying water. High pressure flow could actually damage siding and cause an array of problems overall. You don’t want to deal with the issues that come with broken siding, and water damage that can seep into the walls. Experts utilize a low-pressure system that cleans more efficiently. A special detergent mix can also be used to ensure that things are clean, without damage.

When Is The Best Time Clean My Home? 

Since the weather in Orange County, CA is never too bad, any time can be a great time to clean your home’s exteriors. Since the average temperatures can be around 70 degrees, it’s best to focus on things whenever you find your home’s siding needing an update.

Can Pressure Washing Clean Gutters? 

Yes, of course. Pressure washers can help with clearing out debris, and help with removing oxidation in the metal of gutters. It can also clear out the exterior with relative ease. Mold and other natural elements could cause serious problems for your home, and can attach themselves to the gutters, which is why pressure washing can help with this solution.

Does Pressure Washing Cause Dirty Windows? 

Professional pressure washing services utilize special detergents that wipe away clean. That means that you don’t have to worry about the glass on your windows getting dirty or full of debris from the natural elements that are coming off of your siding during the cleaning.

Does One Have To Be Home?

Experts that work with commercial washing don’t require you to be home. When you hire a professional, they will be able to get to work, and invoice you for the job when it’s completed.

Before The Job Is Done 

Before any job is done, make sure that you have all windows and openings to your home sealed, and closed. If you leave your windows open, then water will definitely get inside. You want to double check on this before anything starts.

Could The Wash Kill My Plants? 

Landscaping doesn’t cause a major issue with landscaping. You’ll find that the process utilizes earth friendly detergents, and there isn’t enough water collection to flood and cause damage. Professional services focus on making sure that your job is done without any issues to your overall lawn care.

Orange County Power Washing by Stanley Window Care

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Décor Ideas To Make Your Rental Apartment Great

decor ideas
Often times apartment renters don’t want to modify their place because they will lose their security deposit. If you don’t want to risk it, you don’t have to. You could change things up by simply adding a few simple options moving forward. The following simple changes can help you gain the upper hand in regards to changing up the look and feel of your home and establishing a better look and feel without risking the money. Not only that, you can save money when upgrading these elements overall.

Try Window Treatments

Get a good curtain rod and put up some window treatments. You’ll be surprised by what you can do with the windows that you have in place. Even if you have blinds, you can cover them with a good window treatment, a valence, and more. You will be surprised by how many window treatment options are out there, and some of which are absolutely inexpensive.

Removal Wallpaper

Did you know that there is peel and stick wallpaper that can come right off? It sticks to walls and transforms rooms, but you don’t have to worry about damage. That’s right, this is a great solution to pursue, especially if you want to change things up in a few months. There are many different colors, patterns, and more. Consider this solution and see how a little bit of wallpaper could very well transform the look and feel of your home’s interior design flow.

Change The Back of Your Book Shelves

Purchase bookshelves and you’ll find that the backgrounds are going to be bland. Well, change them up by putting in wallpaper to the back of them. You’ll find that the books and shelves will have a nice backdrop that will help enhance any room with very little work, or money spent on the project.

Find A Good Rug

One way to ensure that your interior design gets a boost is to look for a good rug. Rugs can range from inexpensive to very expensive, depending on what you’re looking for. Pick a color, design, or just about anything you want and place it across a large area. You’ll find that it can tie together the décor, and change the look and feel of just about any room in your rental.

Paint Furnishings

One way to make sure that your home stands out is to upgrade your furniture. Paint it. That’s right, paint your furnishings a unique color, and you will have a home full of surprise, and wonder. This can be a fun project that will pay off dividends down the line.

San Diego Window Treatments

Friday, November 18, 2016

Cleaning Window Screens The Right Way

screen cleaning tips
Window screens seem simple to clean, right? You just push water through the screen and that’s that. Well, unfortunately, there’s a little nuance to cleaning screens the right way. You’ll find that they can end up causing a great deal of stress if you don’t focus on the right pieces overall. The following will shine light on how to go about cleaning screens without causing a major headache.

The Simple Process

First and foremost, you’ll want to get a bucket and fill it with warm water, and mix in a little dishwashing soap. That is going to be your cleaning agent. Get your screen and brush the mixture across the actual screen. You will want to scrub gently, don’t push through the grates too hard, or you could end up with the screen popping out of the frame. Hold your screen tightly as you go ahead and brush through.

Once you’ve brushed the screen, you’ll want to gently tape the wires of your screen with a dry cloth and let the soap and water to come through with ease. This will help the water and soap dry off and you can easily move forward with letting them air dry before putting them back in place.
If you have window screens that are extremely dusty, make sure that you use a vacuum on them. You could use a duster if you’d like, pulling away dust with care. Your goal is to make sure that you get the dirt and debris clear from the interior, before you use water and soap.

Removing Stains and More 

Not all screens are easy to clean. You’ll find that some are faded, and even stained. To clean these you’ll need to dust all the surfaces while they are dry. Then you’ll want to use soapy water to clear up the elements. Of course, you may have to go through this process more than once, and let them air dry. Your goal is to get the interior cleaned, dusted, and dry.

Cleaning screens takes a bit of time and a gentle touch. You are most likely going to deal with a soft, metal framed wire screen. If that’s the case, make sure that you don’t push too hard, and don’t scrub too hard either. It’s easy to get carried away here. Dust first, and then use water and dish soap to get your cleaning process done. Let things air dry and you’ll find that this can be easy to work with overall.

OC Window Cleaners

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Reasons You Should Utilize Hot Water For Cleaning

When your pressure washing, you have to think about the temperature of the water that you’re going to be using. Some people assume that the high powered streams are stand alone, and just work without worry about temperatures. In theory, yes, that can work, but if you’re cleaning concrete, you’re going to need to look at a few reasons why you should be utilizing heated water, not just cold. There’s several arguments to be made about cleaning with hot water today, and it starts with the end results that you get.

Grease and Oil Problems

The first thing that you need to consider is where you’re cleaning. Let’s assume that you were cleaning commercial property that is susceptible to oil and debris from foot traffic and cars (parking lots etc.). That alone would require a great deal of pressure to wash away, but more so, you’ll need to kill the goop, and oil that can be deposited deep within the concrete. Hot water can penetrate and break up the elements, allowing you to move things faster, whereas cold water is only going to work friction. Friction alone is not going to help you clean things thoroughly.

Disinfecting Exteriors

Another reason why you should look towards using heat is to disinfect. The disinfection process is going to help you not only remove deposits of grime, dirt, and mold, it’s going to ensure that things are not coming back to haunt you. It’s tough to get rid of these things across exteriors as it is, so why risk having them return? Seriously, it’s best not to let these things comeback, which is where hot water comes into play.

Safe To Use

Some individuals may worry about the damage that hot water can pull through with pressure washing. High heat water can dissolve certain materials, but if you’re working with concrete, and asphalt, that’s not going to be a problem. The hot water used in pressure washing is not going to melt anything. It’s just going to allow for cleaning and disinfecting, nothing more. You don’t have to worry about damage, or issues related to this, which is why it’s best to utilize this option for cleaning exteriors.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to dismiss the notion of using hot water. However, if you are serious about getting exteriors clean and disinfected, test this out once. You’ll find that it trumps all other options with relative ease. Even without detergents, heated water works best.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Killer Window Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Whether you’re going to strike out on your own for business or you’re just going to clean your home’s windows, there are a few tips and tricks that the pros recommend. The following breakdown will show you a few tips that will no doubt help the DIY weekend warrior, as well as those looking at cleaning other people’s windows. Of course, no matter what you’re doing, a pro will be able to do a bit better, but if you’re poised to tackle this solution, especially when cleaning commercial properties, consider a few tips.

Water For You, Not Just Windows

The first thing that you need to remember is that this activity takes a toll on the body. You’re going to find yourself winded, sweaty, and tired. To offset that a little, make sure to drink plenty of water. The windows will need a bit of liquid, of course, but you need hydration just as badly.

Test Specific Spots First

Before you go overboard and spray solution across entire windows, test out small spots and areas first. You want to make sure that you have the right solution and ensure the windows don’t have debris or added dirt that will cause problems when cleaning. Start small, and you will not have to deal with a large cleanup project after the fact.

Don’t Rush Things

Whether you have a large squeegee or a small one, the worst thing that you can do is rush through a job. Do not rush anything. The more you rush, the better the chances are that you are going to make a mistake. Take your time, and make sure that you wipe off the excess water on your squeegee before your next wipe. Work on this part too fast, and the water will cause streaks and spots where you just cleaned.

Have Microfiber and Sponges Ready

The next tidbit is important for detailing. You want to have a microfiber cloth and sponges on hand. These are going to help you clean up the finer details, including window sills and frames. After every job clean these up so that you have plenty for the next time. These are going to also help you soak up any additional water droplets from windows that may be left behind after you swipe your squeegee.
The last tip that you are going to want to remember is a simple one, don’t use a lot of soap. Soap can leave a film on glass that makes it look dirty. Take your time and use a balanced solution that is not too soapy, so that you can ensure that glass is 100% clean.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How To Clean Up Spills – Critical Steps

house cleaning experts
One of the things that you are going to face off against in your home or office is that of spills. No matter how much you try to avoid it, you’re not going to be able to miss this. Cleaning up spills is a difficult thing to work with if you let them dry up. For that reason, you need to be proactive, and ready to strike whenever this occurs. That being said, the following are tips and tricks that will help you clean up and get moving forward with relative ease. These are going to help diminish the amount of problems you’ll face off against when it comes to spills that are small and of course, spills that are big.

Utilize Microfiber Cloths and Towels

There are two rules of thumb that you need to have when it comes to spills on carpeted areas. The first is not to embed the liquid further by pressing down hard on it. The second is to act fast. That’s where microfiber and regular towels come into play. As soon as you see a spill happen, or you feel wetness, use these and lightly push a little. You have to have a light touch so that the liquid goes into the cloth and towel. Repeat this process until the liquid is lifted and you no longer see the stain. Once you have this done, you can move to the next step.

Vacuum After The Fact

Assuming you have gone through the above step, you will want to sprinkle little baking soda where you see the spill, and then vacuum it up. This is going to help neutralize the fibers of your rug or carpet, but also suck up any excess liquid that may be leftover. This is also going to ensure that there is no major stain in the carpet, and will not let things settle into the underpadding. After you’ve done this, wait a few days, and vacuum the area again, just to make sure that there are no particles in the fibers.

For Hard Surfaces

Wood, tile, and other harder surfaces require fast action as well. You want to have a towel ready to soak up the spill. You do not want to dampen the floor further with a mop, or add wetness to these areas. Instead, use mild soap and water to clean the area and immediately dry it as you clear up the stain. Do not let stains rest, and don’t soak your floors trying to clean them.

At the end of the day, your best bet is to act fast. If you act fast, you will not have to worry about spills too much.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Do You Know What Lurks Beneath Your Sink?

Open up your sink and you’ll find that there may be a lot of cleaning products. Everyone has these, but not all of them are going to be “green”. Unless you’re making a concerted effort to only go with green certified products, you are going to be astonished by what you find. Some of the best products, at least based on what consumer opinions are, may be the ones that are going to cause problems within the atmosphere.

The Ingredients

Here’s the hard truth, cleaners, especially those for the home, don’t list all the products. They aren’t required by law to have them. You could very well be using a cleanser that is nothing short of poison, and not even know it. If you do your research, you can find a few notes on these things, but chances are you are going to be running into a tough time. Making informed decisions about cleaning products is made increasingly difficult by the money spent on advertising that these companies work with.

Warning Signs

Take out the products that you have under the sink. Look at them carefully and see if there are any warning signs. Chances are, you will have a lot of options that say “not safe” or “toxic”, which is not a good thing. These things should not be used in closed areas, and should not be within reach of children. Some of these options can have fumes that are flammable, and cause severe allergic reactions. Children as well as pets can find these elements to be dangerous if they are exposed. These should not be kept under your sink, as the heat could cause issues as well.

Going Green Slowly 

This is not a call to throw out everything you have. Instead, be careful about using what you have, and slowly start to build your cleaning arsenal towards a greener solution. By just adding a few things here and there, you’ll slow build towards something grand in your kitchen and other areas. Start with picking up replacements to existing cleansers you have, and focus on finding options that are 100% green, and certified at that. You’ll be surprised by how many green solutions area available today. You may have to pay a little more up front, but the peace of mind and cleaning power you get from green options will definitely be worthwhile. Replace poison, toxic cleaners with natural solutions, and you’ll help your home and the environment at the same time.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cleaning Up The Exterior of Properties

Regardless of whether or not you have a commercial property or a residence, you’ll want to look at the exterior at different phases. Obviously, you’ll want to clean the inside, but curb appeal suffers if you neglect the exterior. It’s for that reason why you should look into a few notes about cleaning the outside with relative ease. There are several options that you can consider including power washing, replacing windows, and of course exterior paint jobs.

The Power Wash Option 

The first solution that you will want to explore is that of power washing. Power washing can give you a great deal of change over. The big thing that you will see here is that you can easily get rid of grime, mold, and dirt fast. This is a process in which you use very high pressure water streams to clear off the exterior of a building. This doesn’t harm the paint or the building itself, it’s just high pressure water. Sometimes there is a detergent used to help with this, but it’s not mandatory.

Replacing Windows

From time to time, you’ll want to replace windows. If you haven’t replaced existing windows, and are sure that you do not have high efficiency, double or even triple pain windows, it’s time for an upgrade. Upgrading this option will help you with curb appeal and energy costs. You’ll find that the right windows can help with blocking out UV rays, helping keep warm in the winter, and also reduce the noise you may hear from a noisy street. They also look great, and can be framed in a number of different design choices.

New Paint

Perhaps one of the best options to consider outside the above is to paint. With an updated paint job, you can bring new life to your home. Do this in the spring time, and you’ll find that your home could look amazing throughout the summer, and into the fall and winter months. You can go brighter, or just add trim, but the point is to make sure that your property looks amazing. Sometimes, just a simple paint job could increase the value of your home by several thousands of dollars.
At the end of the day, the above highlights a few ideas that you can take with you today to make your property “pop”. Not only will it help with curb appeal, it will raise the property value. Even if you don’t plan on selling, making your property look great is always a good reason to explore the solutions above.

Huntington Beach Pressure Washing

Friday, October 21, 2016

A Look At Window Cleaning Technique

At first glance, cleaning windows seems easy. Millions of people do this on a regular basis, but realize fast that there’s a bit of technique that should be utilized. Without a certain focus on details, you’ll quickly find that you can end up leaving streaks, debris, and more on windows. It’s for that reason that you should look into what experts say about cleaning windows, especially when you want a clear, streak free finish.

Get A Good Squeegee

First and foremost, you will need a good squeegee. This is going to help you get streak free finishes no matter what liquid you’re going to be using. Look for a good quality solution here, and don’t skimp. You want an option that is going to help you get absolute cleanliness.

Avoid Cold Water

As you look into mixing window cleaner, don’t use cold water. Going too cold here will cause problems with cleaning. Warm water is good, and to ensure that you’re getting an added cleaning element, use alcohol. Alcohol and water will give you superior cleaning potential as the freezing point is far lower and will help you out through colder weather shifts. Of course you don’t want water that is too warm, so go with room temperature.

Proper Squeegee Use

When you’re cleaning windows, make sure that you work on your squeegee process. You’ll want to utilize both horizontal and vertical strokes, however, try to make sure that every stroke you use is dry. Dry off your squeegee with a microfiber cloth between strokes, and make sure that you’re consistent with how you’re moving your tools.

For Stubborn Debris

A good option to help you clean glass is to utilize a glass scraper. However, do not use this without putting solution on glass. You don’t want to crack windows. You also don’t want to scratch, but rather gently lift debris, and other deposits that can end up on surfaces. Test your scraper in a small area before testing it out on any window, and then make sure that the glass is wet before you put the blade to it.

Don’t Forget Detailing

Another thing that you should work with is simple, detailing. You can use solution and squeegee just fine. However, there will still be wetness around the window and streaks may form. To avoid these, make sure that you look into using a microfiber to pick up any water that is left over, simple as that. You want to make sure to pick up any extra wetness that comes through, and detailing is what works best.

At the end of the day, you need to take your time when cleaning windows with a solid technique. Take your time, and you’ll be rewarded for the effort you put in.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Healthy Way To Clean Your Mattress

mattress cleaning experts
One of the most important things that you need to clean is simple, your mattress. It’s easy to forget this. Many people just go through life sleeping on their mattress, without ever considering cleaning. The problem with this is that a lot of elements get into the mattress fabrics. This includes sweat, dead skin, and more. This can go forward for years, without any cleaning. Don’t panic. You can clean your mattress with relative ease, if you know what to do. The following will help you get things done the right way, so that you’re not having to deal with the elements that could build up in your mattress over time.

First Things First 

Before you start cleaning, you need to make sure that you take your linens and bedding off of your mattress. You need to ensure that you leave it barren.  Once you do this, you will need to just lightly brush things off with an upholstery brush. This will get some of the loose fibers from the top, and you can vacuum that up on your flooring. You want to make sure that you brush everything off of the top first. After you do that, you’ll be ready to move forward with a little more cleaning.

For the linens, you should make sure that you wash them at high heat. Your washing machine’s “hot” element will help you no doubt. It’s recommended that you wash linens at no less than 130 degrees for cleaning things.

As for your mattress, you will need to clean the foam and elements with a mix of detergent and liquid dishwashing soap. Mix these things with water, and use it to spot clean stains, and lightly scrub areas without soaking things. Utilize a little baking soda too, and you can deodorize as you clean up spots. It’s tempting to utilize cleaners that you can buy over the counter, but they are not going to help you out too well. They are harsh, and can soak into the mattress.

After Cleaning

After you’ve focused on cleaning, you will want to look into a good hypoallergenic set of pillowcases, and mattress pad. This will help you out overall. Wash your linens regularly, and focus on this cleaning process every few months to ensure that you are getting things cleared up with ease. As long as you keep things up every few months, you’ll ensure that your mattress is safe, and sound.

Mission Viejo Home Cleaning Services

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shining Light on How Car Thieves Hack Keyless Entries

Keyless entry is a great way to secure your home, car, and more. However, they are not without hacks. Car thieves are getting more and more savvy, and can actually get into vehicles and more through a few methodologies. While you shouldn’t panic about this, you should at least know a few things that car thieves do to gain access to a lot of different keyless entry options.

Frequency Jamming

This is a solution that can cause a signal jam to the lock. The way that keyless options work is through emitting a signal. When your remote is near it, you hit a button and the locks open up. Well, thieves can send an amplification device that sends signals to the lock and opens them up over time. This is a bit complex, but it is a way that some thieves have cracked the code of high end vehicles and other solutions. Jamming a signal requires a bit of toil, but it works often.

Deliberate Force 

In the world of hacking, brute force or “Brutus”, was a standard. This same style of attack is utilized with security options. Brute force is like it sounds, a push through the functionality of the encryption, breaking it over time. It sends combinations at rapid fire to the entry point, overloading circuits and causing things to break down.

Signal Amplification 

Similar to that of frequency jamming, this is a solution that searches for signals within a keyless entry and then turns up the signal as high as possible. Specialists utilize authorization codes that send signals to the lock mechanisms, opening things up. Frequencies here are trial and error and similar to that of jamming, although it doesn’t “jam” the code, rather it tests a variety similar to brute force, but with a bit less strength.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Hacking

Here’s the thing, it’s not likely that your keyless entries are going to get hacked. Hacking is not an impossible task. It’s very possible, but you’re going to find that it takes a specialized knowledge to get this done. Hacking is not common. The chances that your entry points will get hacked is unlikely, but not impossible, obviously. Automakers utilize a great number of software updates to change locking systems and keep vehicles safe. The same can be said with locks and keyless entries for businesses and homes. This is not something to panic over, or worry too much about.

Emergency Locksmith in Boston

Friday, October 14, 2016

Healthy and Easy Ways To Clean Grout At Home

Wherever you have tiles in your house, you will have grout. Grout holds things together between the pieces. Putting down tile requires a sealant to hold things together. You may not even notice it when it’s new, and clean. However, over time it can get dirty, mold can start to sit, and you’ll definitely see it. When the darkness sets in, you’ll find that your kitchen’s backsplash, bathrooms, and other areas will look dirty overall. To clean these things up, and to ensure that the stains don’t become overwhelming, you can clean up with the following simple, green, and healthy solution.

The Simple Recipe 

The first thing that you need to do is simple, you need to look into mixing a cleaning solution. YOu could buy over the counter options, however, they are going to be made up of chemical elements that are not necessarily “green” in comparison. The following will help you mix things up to save money, and get the results that you seek from cleaning grout around tile.

You will need:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide
  2. Water
  3. Spray Bottle 
  4. Optional – Vinegar 

*Note: Do not mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Use 1 or the other.

That’s it. You just need these things, and put them together. Now, there are some that will recommend utilizing vinegar instead of hydrogen peroxide, but that’s up to you. You’ll want to mix half a cup of peroxide or vinegar and one cup of water for every half cup of the other ingredient. Once you mix these things up, you’ll have a solution that will clean through grout stains easily.

The Process of Cleaning 

The next thing that you will need to do is to get a toothbrush and clean the grout. Spray the dirty areas and then brush the areas slightly and you’ll see the stains start to come off. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to change things up with ease.

This option is a simple solution that is 100% green, free of chemicals, dyes, and lightweight overall. The cleaning effect is simple to get, so long as you just spray, and brush. You don’t need to work too hard to get through cleaning grout after you work on this once. If you don’t see changes right away, let the solution sit on the dirty grout for a little longer, then brush it off. Rinse it off with water after you have finished brushing, and that’s it. It’s a simple option that will allow you to go green, with relative ease.

Irvine House Cleaning with Maid Brigade

Monday, October 10, 2016

Different Types of Locksmiths and Skills For Security

Locksmiths go through a lot more than just opening doors. Sure, they are skilled in doing this, but there’s a lot more today than just picking and opening locks overall. Security elements today take on a lot more technology than ever before. You may see locks often, and they are simple, utilizing keys and traditional methodologies. However, you’ll find that today, there are digital elements, finger print solutions, electronic locks, magnets, and much more. It’s because of this, there are several different locksmith types and security concerns that you should consider overall.

The Small Business Locksmith

Traditionally, you’ll find locksmith services around metropolitan areas. These are storefronts often, and you can get keys reproduced, locks opened and a lot more. These small businesses utilize modern techniques to open locks for home, cars, and much more. They duplicate options, and install security systems across different areas in the community. Businesses of this type moves through the traditional naming convention of “smith”, which dates back centuries.

Security Consultants

The next type of locksmith works with modern security systems. The locks and keys are the beginning of this, but overall, these individuals work with assessing security elements for homes and commercial properties. They can help with focusing on systems that utilize high tech media units, video, sound, lighting, and more. Focusing on modern security elements beyond keys and locks is what consultants in this arena work on, many of which in conjunction with small business locksmith options.

Emergency Solution Locksmiths

There are a lot of locksmiths that work within the notion of emergency situations. When you are locked out of your car, or when you can’t get into your home, you will need a helping hand. A locksmith that works with emergencies will be able to help you get into your home, office, or vehicle, can be called to save the day at any time of day or night. Emergency solutions are no doubt going to happen, so having someone that can open things up and help at any time is critical overall.

The Education and Cost of This Trade 

As you look into this trade, you’ll find that the tools and education of locksmiths goes from basic to extreme. The basic starts with keys, locks, hardware, keypads, and more. People trained as masters in this arena go through apprentice offerings, work with guilds, or through vocational schools.
The costs associated with hiring a locksmith can be as little as $50 and upwards of $500 depending on the situation. This of course is just a matter of opening up doors, or cars, and things along those lines. Setting up a large security system could boost the costs upwards of $1,000 or more depending on several factors.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Ways To Cut Your Chores In Half – Cleaning House Faster

Doing chores can be the dread of your life sometimes. You’re not alone. Millions of people look at chores and don’t want to do them. Who does? There are several ways that you can make this a bit easier. If your goal is to cut down the time frame that you spend cleaning, then you’ll no doubt want to take a look at the tips below. These tips will help you cut your house chores in half and get moving forward with just about anything else you’d like to do.

Divide Things Up 

If you have multiple people in your home, then split things up. Try to include everyone in your family to clean up and clear things away. Divide things through the week and your chores will not seem so bad because everyone does just a little. The more in your home, the more you can get done within a relative short span of time. Helping with chores can also help with childhood development, so don’t be shy about dividing things up a bit.

Use A Kitchen Timer

No major chore should take you more than around 15 minutes. If you’re not convinced, just set up a kitchen timer for 15 minutes. Then apply it for 1 chore at a time. You’ll find that if you go this route, you’ll be able to clean with relative ease. Do this for 1 chore every day and at the end of the week, you will have done 7 major things in your home.

Don’t Do Everything At Once

One mistake that you should never make is try to do everything in one day. Don’t do everything in one day or one weekend. Instead, divide up your chores across several days, doing simple things each day. Again, within 7 days you can get a lot done fast. Don’t do everything within a short span of time, and you’ll end up with a cleaner home with no stress.

Keep Things Simple

Don’t overthink the cleaning and chores process. You’ll want to make sure that you have supplies, storage for your cleaning options, and work with products that are easy to utilize any day. Keep things simple and you’re going to find that your home will be cleaner faster. If you overthink cleaning, you’re going to end up with a messy home, and nothing fully done.

A little goes a long way. It’s simple. The best thing that you can do is to take some time, and move forward slowly. Done right, you’ll always have a clean home.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things To Clean Before The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and you’ll no doubt deal with a large number of different guests, parties, and more. Whether you are going to have someone stay a while, or just a quick visit, the holiday months warrant a great deal of attention. You don’t want your home to be in disarray, which is why you may want to look at a few things to clean before the holidays.

All Guest Rooms

If you have a second or even third bedroom, make sure that you spruce it up. Vacuum, tidy up, and even add a scented candle. You never know who will decide to visit, so you want to make sure that you dust and spruce up your guest areas.

Organize Clutter

It’s easy to let your home end up cluttered overall. You will want to organize things a bit, and try to put things away in order. Along the way, you will also want to add a few holiday decorations here and there, and store away things that you would otherwise have as décor in your home. Just a little push forward here will go a long way.

The Closets

You should definitely look at cleaning up your closets, and perhaps invest in a few totes and other options to put things away, organize, and allow a bit of cleaning to get through here. You don’t need to clean all of them up in one day, take your time, but try to go through and clear out clutter first. After you’ve done that, try to figure out what clothing you don’t wear in winter, and perhaps think about giving extra things to local charities, etc.

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is going to get a lot of traffic, especially in the holiday season. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that you clean up, dust, and ensure that all things are in proper order. Even if you just get one visitor throughout this season, you’ll thank yourself for paying a little extra attention to the kitchen and dining areas of your home.

The Entrance of Your Home

The first thing people see overall when coming over is your entryway. You’ll want to make sure that you make this a bit more comforting. Clean up, add a few decorations, and perhaps a small table that accents the décor up front. Let people feel welcome when they come into your home with relative ease.

As you look at cleaning up, you’re going to want to remember to clean out the refrigerator and the coffeemaker, as these are going to be integral parts of your entertaining through the holiday months. Don’t tackle all of this at once, take your time, and move forward with segments overall.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Should You Go With Power Wash or A Soft Wash Solution

A well maintained, clean home will help with longevity. It may even help avoid a break in, as criminals may not target your home if it’s continually being worked on, and cleaned up. Cleaning the exterior is a difficult thing to do if you don’t work with a soft wash or a power wash solution. The exterior of your home should get taken care of so that the curb appeal stands out. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home, it’s important to consider this solution moving forward.

Two Types of Washing

There are two major types of washing to consider. There is the soft wash and the power wash. These two refer to how water is streamed, and how heavy the pressure utilized will be. Whether you’re working on a deck or you’re working on drywall, stucco, or even vinyl siding, these options will come to mind. Which works best for your needs requires a bit of focus.

Focusing on Soft Washing 

The first type of solution is often utilized for roofing, and siding that is lightweight. This option uses pressurized water, but mixed with a detergent. The PSI is scaled down a great deal to ensure that the exterior is cleaned easily. Debris washed away from roofing, and foundation elements is important. Soft washing isn’t going to cause damage, at all. It’s mainly meant to help lift dirt, and caked on mud. It can help with sensitive areas across the exterior as well.

Power Washing Solutions

In contrast to soft washing, consider power washing solutions. Power washing is as it sounds, it uses higher levels of PSI to hit walls, roofing and more. The power of the washer here is going to cause damage to lighter surfaces, and can peel off paint and more. It’s imperative to understand that this is going to be heavy duty, and meant for homes that haven’t been cleaned often. This helps for decks, and more.

Which Is Better? 

Here’s the thing, these are both good ideas. However, you should focus on soft washing if you have recently power washed, or you want to work with a lighter touch. Power washers can be great for concrete, and solid exteriors that are tough to clean. Which is better is truly up to your needs. Ask a professional about which they recommend, and how they will work on elements overall. This will help you get the right job, which will be “better” in terms of power and soft washing solutions.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Homemade Laundry Detergent Could Be The Answer To Allergies

castile soap
There are quite a few people that are allergic to chemical creations that are used to clean clothing. Your laundry detergent today is one that is mixed with a lot of different things in place. These cleaning solutions may be harmless for most people, but there are some that can have skin reactions due to the chemical makeup. If you or someone in your family has sensitive skin, it’s imperative to look into how to clear things up and perhaps the answer is to look into homemade laundry detergent.
Anyone can make detergent, it’s just a matter of finding the right ingredients and ensuring that the soap is not mixed with irritants. This may seem like a daunting task at first glance, but the following rundown of options can help you create your own options and avoid irritating sensitive skin, no doubt.

Inexpensive Mixed Solution 

One of the best things that you can do is look for cheap options that can clean your clothes with ease. This option is going to help you out greatly. For this solution you’ll need a box of Borax, washing soda, oxyclean, Zote bar soap, baking soda, and Purex fabric softener. All of these things will need to get mixed together and it will create a powerful detergent for you. However, the big issue here is the bar soaps. You’ll want to pass them through a cheese grater before you mix them into the dry mixture. Mixed altogether, you’ll get a good scent, and a good cleaning solution.

A Different Take On Detergent 

Another solution that you will want to consider mixes a bit of wet ingredients with dry options. You’ll want to pick up super washing soda, borax, and castile soap, which will net you 2 gallons overall. Mix three quarters of a cup of castile soap, half a cup of washing soda, and half a cup of borax together into an inch of water and mix, then add 2 gallons of water into the mix and stir. Once you have this all blended, simply pour it into a bottle and you have your soap.

These are just two ideas that you can pursue when it comes to laundry soap, however, there are many other routes that you can take. You can even create bath laundry bombs out of vinegar, washing soda, fels-naptha, Epsom salt, and hydrogen peroxide. This is a bit more involved, but it gives you a lot of creative elements to play with in order to avoid skin irritation from commercially produced detergents.