Monday, November 30, 2015

Hemp vs. Cotton: Which Fabric Is Better?

Both hemp and cotton are excellent crops which can be used to create everything from clothing to homes. The controversies surrounding hemp and it's association with marijuana however help keep cotton the choice of most companies. Hemp is not marijuana however and it is a very versatile and strong material with which to build. With that said let's take a look at the differences between cotton and hemp use.

Water Requirements

Growing cotton is no easy feat and the 1400 gallons of water needed for every pound of cotton growing makes cotton farming rather expensive especially during times of drought. Some cotton farms have actually become literal deserts after running themselves and surrounding areas out of water. Hemp on the other hand requires roughly half the water cotton does which makes it vastly more affordable right out of the gate. Best of all hemp grows at a much faster rate than cotton so water requirements might be even lower for some growers.

Crop Protection

Cotton requires pesticides and it requires very strong chemicals and frequent treatments in order to remain healthy. Juxtaposing the costs of cotton pesticides and water requirements is usually enough to force some farmers to begin growing hemp or at the very least grow less cotton. Hemp on the other hand requires nothing other than water and sunlight to grow. Chemicals are wholly unnecessary for this hardy plant. Farmers concerned with weeds strangling their hemp should know that hemp competes and beats out all varieties of weeds without any problems.

Comfortable Clothing

Much like vinyl records, clothing made of cotton is most comfortable and durable the first time it's worn. Each wearing and washing takes something away from cotton clothing. Cotton fibers break down easily under the rigors of movement and even more so in washers and dryers. Hemp being a much sturdier crop produces not only the more comfortable clothing of the two but clothing with a much greater longevity too. Hemp clothing doesn't start off as soft as cotton clothing does but it eventually becomes more comfortable and will last a lot longer.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Removing Hard Water Stains

hard water stains
Calcium deposits or hard water stains are the arch enemy of both commercial and residential buildings. Although hard water stains build slowly and aren't immediately visible by the time they do become noticeable they will have become a problem and a bad one at that. Sure, do it yourselfer's can pick up cleaners designed to remove calcium from windows at their local retail or home improvement stores but these solutions are usually mediocre at best and aren't strong enough to properly remove hard water stains from the many different types of glass on which they appear.

Reduced Visibility

As hard water stains build up on windows a number of things happen. First and most importantly, the view into and out of windows becomes cloudy, foggy, and blurry. Secondly, calcium left untreated will begin to stack like layers of a cake with the bottom layers doing damage to a window's glass. When windows become cloudy home and business owners almost always aim to do something about the issue. Many attempt to tackle the job themselves though this can result in damage to their windows by way of improper cleaning and/or tools. The intelligent choice involves the hiring of a professional window cleaner though not all individuals understand that they are affordable and will do the job right the first time out; saving them both money and time.

The Right Tools And Time

Home and business owners insistent on cleaning their own windows will want to do a bit of research prior to doing so. This goes double for individuals whose goal includes removing hard water stains from their windows. In order to do the job properly and produce good results, individuals will first need to find out what type of glass their windows are made from. From here they can find information on which tools will not only work best but those that won't cause damage as well. Anyone who wants to remove hard water stains from their windows should seriously consider hiring a professional and when that's not a possibility, they should take things slow and educate themselves beforehand. Calcium can be removed from any type of window though the task of removing it is arduous.

Orange County Glass Restoration by Stanley Window Care

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Crafting The Perfect Bedding

Custom bedding experts
Making a statement about your personal style and about designs and styles for your bed it is a challenging process. A beautiful bed is something everyone needs and wants Choosing the perfect bed will also includes selecting colors and patterns that are reflective of your own personal tastes.

There are no strict rules about design but when choosing the right and most attractively designed bed there is one simple method that should be employed during the selection process.

Selecting colors and patterns that compliment the preexisting atmosphere in your bedroom will leave you satisfied and help both you and guests to relax. Placing of the fabric is a very important part of this process and should be handled with care. Custom bedding and designs will give individuals greater options when it comes to placement though if custom bedding decor is to deemed to be too expensive there are alternative and more affordable options available.

Spend Wisely

If your clients have a mid range budget they'll want to stretch their money as much as possible. Therefore you'll then have to carefully place the most expensive fabrics in areas where they will have the biggest impact visually and the least impact on the budget, which is very usually.

The Pillows

In order to make a bold statement with pillows you'll need few yards of fabric. You can use $100 per yard of a fabric that you like the most because only 2 to 3 yards are needed for pulling it off. This will allow you to dress the desired elements in less expensive fabrics and save a few dollars in the process.

Quality Of Fabric

With making custom bedding there are a lot of labor costs that are involved. You can quickly end up spending a lot of money, or worse, a large portion of your project budget when you buy only the most expensive fabrics.

Here I will present some of the rough estimates on the quantities of fabric that are needed for different bed items that are used with decorative fabrics.

  • 8 yards for a king tailored bedskirt – basic style
  • 9 yards for king coverlet – one side comes with 54” wide fabric
  • 12-18 yards(depending on the drop) for kind duvet cover – double side comes with 54” wide fabric
  • 4 yards for king shams
  • 6 yards for king upholstered headboard – basic
I must repeat again, these numbers are very rough.
One thing that must I must remind you of is that the fabric includes patterns, then the size of the repeat is needed to be taken in the total account and of course, the numbers of yards is increasing.

Custom fit, custom look

It is really possible to get the wanted custom fit and tailored look at the same time while watching your budget. And this is possible because of making wise decisions and investments in the area where your design is most important.

Some extra link love

For example, I love big pillows that are thrown on the bed, but unfortunately those pillows found in most retail stores are small, usually 18” x 18”. And this is the reason why I am making the custom pillows for my clients and customers, for example 22” or 24” square, or I can also make another different custom size pillow, by the wish of the customer. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How Windows Are Made

Beautiful Windows
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There are many different types of glass that are used to make windows for both homes and commercial structures. Before production can begin glass workers must first ascertain exactly what type of glass is needed. Different homes, climates, and homeowners are going to want/need something different. Once glass workers have determined which type of glass will work best there are several steps that glass goes through before it becomes a window.

Taking Measurements & Cutting

The second step in creating a window is measuring. Contractors and/or glass workers will need precise measurements in order to not only ensure that the glass is cut properly but to ensure that the window isn't to snug or too loose in it's home. Once measurements have been procured glass is put into a machine for cutting. After cutting is complete proto-windows are carefully set aside and stored for a bit.

Squeaky Clean

The third step in building a window is to clean the freshly cut glass. Cleaning glass at this stage is fairly straightforward as glass is placed onto plastic and/or rubber rollers where it is sprayed with water and sometimes a cleaning solution or protectant. If the window being created is a multiple pane window a sealant will be placed in and around the panes so as to make them effective and for protection too.

Is It Hot In Here?

After windows have been cleaned with liquids and sealed they are then put through a high temperature device that not only cleans the glass further and burns away impurities but strengthens the seals used in multiple pane windows.

The Long And Short Of It

After glass has been put through the aforementioned rigorous cleaning processes window frames are cut both long and short. Once frames are cut they are assembled and finally ready to receive their glass. From here windows are shipped to stores or directly to homes for installation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Surveillance Technology: Always On, Always Effective

surveillance experts
The surveillance and security technology of yesteryear is a far cry from today's tech. Even the technology of the 2000's pales in comparison to what is possible with today's security hardware and software. Whereas security and surveillance tools were once limited to and only effective at their installation sites, advances in the technology now allow people to do more with it.

Here, There, Everywhere

Surveillance technologies of years and decades past required persons to be on site in order to not only operate it but to respond to problems as well. The technologies employed by surveillance companies now gives home and business owners the ability to watch and respond from anywhere on the planet. Many surveillance technologies even contact police, fire departments, and other emergency services for their owners/operators. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other portable hardware now communicate directly with security systems via apps and the internet. No matter where we go we now have the ability to monitor our homes and businesses 24/7.

Watch What Exactly?

Modern surveillance technologies working in conjunction with computers and mobile devices allow individuals to monitor any number of things very closely. Moreover they can monitor both recorded and live feeds with ease. Here are just a few things that can be watched from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • An entire home while away on business or vacation.
  • Babysitters, nanny's, and children left home alone.
  • Pets left indoors while you're away.
  • Contractors performing work at your home.
  • Guests at parties.
  • Swimming pools and children that gather around them.
  • Employees
  • A businesses work place in general
  • Parking structures/Parking Lots
  • Storage closets and garages
  • ...and much more.

A great deal of businesses and persons who handle the installation of security or surveillance equipment are locksmiths. The cost of installation and maintenance is quite affordable and is usually quick. There is no good reason for not protecting the things and people that are important to you. Using the internet it behooves everyone to find a reputable locksmith and inquire about this technology sooner rather than later.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Reason to Use A Professional Window Cleaner #5

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If ever there was a reason to hire a professional window cleaner it’s this one. No matter how you do it on your own, you’re going to find that your glass can have a few spots. Spots are tough to get off, especially if it’s a result of fungus. Professionals can remove this properly, so that you have 100% clarity through your windows and screens. 

At the end of the day, there is a professional experience that comes through with professionals that clean windows for a living. Use their expertise for your home, and you’ll see a huge difference. Try things out once, and you’re going to find that your home can take advantage of the lighting, heating, and more