Friday, October 30, 2015

Custom Draperies Can Create Amazing Elegance In Your Home

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One of the most unique options that you can pursue in regards to window treatments is that of custom draperies. This is one way to absolutely treat your interior design with something special. Most people don’t immediately think about this, but as you start to break down the possibilities, you will see that this is definitely something to look into on a deeper level. If you have never considered it before, take a few moments to explore the beauty and magic that comes with this simple update.

The Fabric Style

One of the things that you need to be wary of is the fabric. Draperies that are made custom use a wide range of fabrics. You will want to decide whether you want something light and airy, or you want something heavy. The heavier the materials, the higher the likelihood that it will black out the natural light that may come through windows. You’ll have to consider which is going to be best for your individual needs here, as there are several routes that you can take. The price point can rise upwards of $1,000 a yard depending on what you need.

The Length 

As you start to explore custom draperies, make sure that you keep in mind the length of your windows. Some windows are tall, and reach towards the ceiling of a room. This may not be so bad, but if you have tall windows in a den, or by an alcove, you may end up paying quite a bit in terms of treatments. Window treatments meant to cover a large surface area will cost you quite a bit. A 10 foot ceiling, for instance may in fact be costly. However, if you focus on finding a good fabric, and design it to match the accent pieces of your interior design, you’ll have something grand, no doubt.

Valance Combos

As far as custom draperies, you don’t always need long flowing fabrics. You can create a very unique design flow with a strong valance. A valance can go in front of windows, offer partial coverage, shade, and create an elegant visual design protocol. Mixing valance options with drapes that come over the window can absolutely be a good combination. This is something that can make a room feel more rustic, when done with warm colors and mixed patterns.

Overall, the above is just a simple exploration of custom drapery ideas. There’s so much to explore in regards to window treatments. Don’t assume that you are stuck with just blinds, and coverings in the traditional sense, as there’s a great deal of opportunity found in this regards.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hard Water Stains Can Cause More Than An Eyesore

Hard water is something that millions of home have right now. Some people don’t even realize that it’s there but it definitely flows through the faucets and plumbing of millions. It simply means that there are a lot of metals and minerals in the water that is coming to and through the home. Your plumbing can end up getting clogged as a result. When these deposits settle on the plumbing you’ll find that they close up and cause breaks in the flow of water. Mineral enriched water is important to homes as it offers clean and safe water. However you will find that there are some issues that come with this. Some of them include skin irritations spots and specks on dishes and that’s just the starting point.

Hard Water Stains
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Looking For The Signs of Hard Water

First and foremost you should know where hard water hits most. You may find yourself overlooking the signs because they don’t manifest serious problems at first glance. If your home has hard water look for powder and specks across all stainless steel surfaces. Furthermore look at your dishes and look for spots and film over everything. You’ll find that soap will have a hard time dissolving in this case and eventually you will have clogs. If your drains are slowing down it isn’t always an organic clog of hair it’s minerals and more effecting the flow.

Removing Stains 

There are several things that you can do to get this taken care of. It all starts with seeing the warning signs then taking charge. Make sure that you get a rust remover, clean all surfaces, and make sure that you do so often. You can dilute vinegar and water into a spray bottle to clean surfaces and remove stains. However the root cause of the issue will still be there. An ounce of prevention goes far but you will want to clear up the stains in the meantime. Left alone these spots can cause deterioration of the metals that your fixtures are made of.

Softening Water

It’s important that you look into purchasing a water softener. If you don’t get one of these options the water in your home will cause havoc in time. Left alone, hard water can cause plumbing to burst and replacement will be necessary. Stains are obvious eyesores but they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Clean them up as you live in your home but also make sure that you look at investing in a process that will soften the water flow. 

Hard Water Removal By Stanley Window Care

Friday, October 16, 2015

5 Crucial Steps For Improving Your Home Security

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Everyone at one point or another should look into home security. Whether you own a house or you’re an apartment dweller. It’s important that you have things in mind to protect yourself and your belongings. If not a burglar can show up and take a lot of your possessions without anyone being the wiser. If you want to have peace of mind and literal security then you should look at a few steps that could very well change the way that you have your home set up.

Casting a Shadow When Away

When you’re gone you don’t want to leave your home vacant and without occupants. If you don’t have a house sitter don’t worry, cast a shadow. Focus on having automated lighting systems in place that make it seem like you’re home. Furthermore make sure that you leave some ambient noise on such as a radio. This will give the illusion that someone’s home at all times.

Motion Sensors Around The Home

Burglars will sometimes stake out a home then go close up to a window or a door to see if anyone is home. By setting up motion sensor lights and cameras you will be able to deter anyone from sneaking through and getting too close to your home. This is a simple perimeter defense idea that pays off dividends in the long term.

Lighted Entries

Every entry point to your home should have lighting. This will allow neighbors and people passing by to get a close look at anyone at the door. It will also allow you to see who is knocking or walking up to your home. By simply having light you will find that most robbers will flee as they don’t want to get seen or recognized.

Locks Are Commonplace

The standard lock is good but if you’re concerned with security get dead bolts. Deadbolts can help ensure that you have peace of mind. It is harder to open a door with one of these in place than standard locks. As such you will have that second strength of security aside from traditional locking systems.

Alarm Systems

When in doubt call a professional company to install a full scale alarm system. This can include cameras and even a security guard to come by your home often. By having a security company helping you keep your home safe you can have peace of mind. Having just an extra set of eyes can allow you to enjoy peace even if you’re on vacation.