Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Securing Windows For Maximum Security and Peace of Mind

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Every day many homes across the country are broken into. Many of them from the first floor window that someone has forgotten to lock. Window security is important. Securing windows with locks is absolutely important overall and with a few tips you can definitely focus on security. The following are a few elements to consider and will absolutely protect your home and the goods you have inside. Window security is a simple thing to work with even after you’ve installed or upgraded elements in your home. A simple pin can be the key but there is more to explore in regards to security when you consider your home.

Sash Frame Options

This is a window option that will let you have a pin lock at the bottom and the top of the window. This will allow for a simple deadbolt to lock the window in place. This is a popular window lock option and will absolutely prevent opening from the outside going in.

Sliding Glass Options

For those that have sliding glass door frames it’s imperative that you work with locks. You can use a simple metal lock mechanism that blocks the door at the top or bottom. This will lock the main door in place and will not allow movement from the outside or inside. Simple pins can help protect the sliding portion of the door.

Heavier Windows

In regards to securing windows, aside from locks make sure that you install stronger pane windows. This will help with peace of mind. It will allow you to cause a bit of frustration for any would be robber. Pushing up a heavy window that’s also locked is going to be tough to open.

Set An Alarm 

Another element of security aside from sliding locks or pins is an alarm. Setting up a motion sensor alarm is a great thing. This will allow you to have help called fast, and scare off most would be robbers by simply placing the announcement that you have an alarm in place.

The above options are just a few things that you should be considering. You can always make sure that you lock windows with additional elements such as a dead bolt, or a pin that protects the sliding elements. Aside from that you should look at getting an alarm system in place and ensure that everything is armed whenever you’re away. Don’t overlook this simple element for peace of mind.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Functional Plantation Shutter Option

There are a lot of different ways that you can create interior design pieces. But when it comes to windows and treatments you may find yourself at a loss. One route you can take on is that of the plantation shutter. This is a functional component that is well worth exploring on a lot of different levels. It’s an effective way to put up coverings, bring about privacy, shade, and a visual design flow that is hard to replicate with other design elements. As such consider a few of the functional benefits that come through when you update your home with this interior design staple. 

The Look and Feel

First and foremost you will need to understand what this is. A plantation shutter has several rows of visibility with a bar that opens and closes the rows at the centerpiece. You can open these to ensure privacy, shade, and more. Shutters introduce 3 major elements.

Interior Design Aesthetic 

First and foremost you’re going to find that the visual flow of these will be perfect. You get to decide what color you want them, how they open, close, and how you will match them with any additional coverings. It can help enhance windows and it can provide much needed functional design to your walls  and other elements.

Insulating The Weather 

You can find that adding shutters will help with protecting against losing warmth in the winter and keeping the heat out in the summer. It’s an additional element of protection against the mercury shifts that the weather may bring on. Insulation is a key component of this solution which is why so many jump into this upgrade with relative ease.

Control The Lighting

Natural light is grand but too much can be a bit stuffy. To give you a semblance of control shutters can offer a way to control the outside light. Allow a bit to come in or open things up and allow a lot to come into your room. Whatever the case is you will find that controlling the light and visual flow becomes easier with this type of window treatment in place.

Installing plantation shutters into your home is best left to the professionals. In order to ensure that things get done right and nothing is broken it’s best to go this route. You’ll find that by doing so you’ll receive the aforementioned benefits with relative ease. It’s a great way to ensure that you get the maximum benefit cycle from the shutter you want to have in your den, living room, or any room for that matter.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Child Safety Elements When Thinking Cordless Shades

Child Safety & Window Blinds
Window coverings are a part of home ownership. If you don’t’ think about it up front you will eventually because open windows require shade sooner than later. With that in mind the window covering industry decided to make a huge change in regards to the way window treatments were designed. Before the change was made in 2000 pull cords were the norm here. These could cause strangulation however. To change things up cordless options came into play.

Even though there are changes in this regards there are a few things that people should know in regards to safety. Window treatments and safety is a big deal in regards to children. Children can still end up getting injured by shades and blinds today. Even though there are changes there’s a few factors to consider. Some basic tips will go a long way. 

Tie Loose Cords Down 

When considering shades make sure that you tie cords to something stationary. Do not let them just hang. Absolutely make sure that you loop things tight. Everything should be put safely in place, clean, and without loose ends. This is a simple fix.

Cutting Cords

Another option that you should look at is cutting cords. Cutting the cord completely and then tying a simple tassel can work wonders here. Anything that loops should be cut. Of course, you’re going to want to look into cleaning things up and making sure that the cords are not in the way.

Keep Toys Away From All Windows

In order to keep children safe make sure that you keep all major toys, cribs, and other elements away from the windows and blinds. This will ensure that kids are not playing around potentially dangerous options near the window shades and more. Keeping things away is simple to work on. Simply put, this will ensure safety.

Put Things High Up

One thing that you can do is put your cords up and away from where children can reach. Children can’t get injured if they can’t reach the cords at all. Child safety is a very important thing when you have different design elements in the home. Shades are important to have but always look for safety with cords and anything loosely coming off the shades and window treatments. A little bit of prevention can go a long way here. It’s imperative that you consider this as you purchase blinds or shades to cover your window.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#4 Reason To Use Professional Window Cleaner - The Right Cleanser

Professional Window Cleaner

The #4 Reason to Use A Professional Window Cleaner is.... drum roll please....

The Right Cleanser

And let me tell you why??

Special types of glass require different types of chemicals. If you use the wrong one, your windows won’t get clarity. Some can leave streaks over time, and you could get cloudy glass. Having a professional cleaner come through will give you 100% clear windows so that don’t have to worry about the issues that can manifest.