Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Efficiency of Draperies – Notes For Energy Consumption

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Saving energy is not just about saving the environment. It’s also about saving you money. No one is going to scoff at the notion of having a little more money at the end of the month. It’s with that in mind that there are a few things that you can do for your home to reduce your overall energy costs.

For instance, you could look at how draperies could very well give you an upper hand. This may seem a bit odd for some, but it’s absolutely necessary for gaining a foothold in the quest for efficiency within a home.

The Heat Index 

First and foremost, you will find that a good set of drapes could in fact block the heat index from rising in your home. This all depends on the fabric that you choose and how heavy the elements are. The heavier, and more compact the fabric is, the higher the chances are that you will be able to block out the key components that make your home hot. You could end up with a positive spin that lowers the temperature by around 30% or higher, depending on the color, and fabric density overall.

For The Cold

While these things can block the sun’s access to any given room, it can also have great benefits in the winter. Studies indicate that you could warm up a room, or rather, retain heat much easier when you have heavy draperies in place. That means less money spent on heating, and trapping the heat from escaping when you need it most.

Best Practices For Drapes

As you look into having these in place, you are going to want to take note of the position of the fabric. You want to ensure that the fabric is close to the windows. The closer the better in this case, as you will find that it can help you gain leverage in regards to efficient cooling and heating. In many cases, the best way to work with this is to have the drapes attach to the wall, allowing the benefits to come in with relative ease.

The goal of having draperies in place is a matter of tightly controlling air spaces. When you can do that, you can also block the sun’s effects, and even keep your home a bit warmer in the winter months. It’s all about displaying elements, and controlling heating and cooling. Test this out and see why it’s one of the best ways to keep your home within a comfortable temperature.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

#1 Reason to Use A Professional Window Cleaner - Fixing Problems

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People often assume that professional window cleaning is only relegated to high rises and to the wealthiest of businesses. There are a lot of professionals that brave the heights to do this. However you don’t have to be in a high rise to get good cleaning help. You should look at hiring a professional window cleaner. Professional window cleaning services produce results that the layperson can only dream of. Forget the window cleaner in your pantry here are some reasons to go pro with your windows.

#1 Fixing Problems

Professional window cleaners will be able to tell you if they see something wrong with the framing of your windows. They’ll also be able to clean your fittings and can help you deal with rot as well. There are problems that you may miss when cleaning windows yourself. A professional window cleaner will find and address these problems.